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Welcome to The Order of El Elyon's New Home

June 26. 2014 - written by Scarak at 12:28

Welcome to our New Home!

This site is a work in progress so please excuse the mess as I am trying to get everything the way we want.

For those that have to transfered over yet you can click on the register button over on the left column and follow the instructions. You will recieve an email to activate your account. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact me on this site, the old site or in game. I will do my best to get you going.

After you get registered please create your first character. This can be done by clicking on the Characters button on the left column and then clicking on Add Character. This site has a lot of really neat features, but you must have a character created to use them. Also after you have created your character please revisit the Characters page and select your role ( Tank, DPS, Heals ). This is used to determine roles in ops sign ups.

As I said before this site has a lot of really neat features, but unfortunately many are still not active. I am currently working my hardest to get this site up and be even better than our old one at enjin. Below you will see development road map so that everyone can see where I am at and what I am working on. If you think of an idea for a really cool feature please feel free to drop me a line and give some input. I cannot guarentee that I can get everyone's features implemented, but if it is a really cool useful idea it might just make the list below.

Development Road Map

Calendar and Ops Sign-Ups ( Testing )
Forums ( Testing )
Progression Tracking Page
Ops Team Pages
Ops Team Sign-ups
Ops Team Forums
Ops Team Galleries
Character Pages
Character Bios
Character Images
Character Galleries
Character Crafting Pages ( This may just be a really big dream of mine :p )
Appearance Face-lift
Forums Theme
Mobile App

Planned Working On Complete


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