• Friday, 22. November 2019 00:35

Account Creation Issues


Hey guy, I want to apologize. I have been doing some digging and it looks like there has been an 'optimization' job running in the background on the site server. This job was going in and deleting accounts that were not activated within a specific (very short) amount of time. As such if you created an account there is a good chance it was deleted. I have disabled this job. I am not even sure why it was running in the first place. I apologize for the inconvenience, but you will need to re-create your account if it is not found under the Userlist.

I have also gotten some reports that some users have not been receiving activation emails. I am currently trying to figure out why this is. Until I do, I am switching account activation so that it requires an admin to approve the account. If you create an account, please send me an in-game message or mail with your Username so that I can get you activated.

Thanks for your continued patience as I am getting the site up and running.


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