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Scar's Choice - AddOns


As many of you have requested, here are the AddOns I will be running at launch of Classic, all wrapped up in one nice package.

Classic AddOns

Here is what you get in this nice package...

Deadly Boss Mods - This addon helps you know when things are about to get bad in Raids. It informs you of incoming attacks, boss timers, and such. Not very useful early on, but absolutely needed for raids.

Details! - This is a nice, simple DPS monitor. I haven't had a chance to play with it too much, so I don't know if it does more.

FasterLooting - Supposed to make looting faster, that is yet to be determined.

MonkeyQuest - This is an improved quest log. It will let you track things easier and organize your quests better.

MyRolePlay - For those Role Players out there. This addon lets you create a background, description, and other details of your character. Other Role Players with the mod will then be able to see those details to be more engaged with your character. If you are not a Role Player, I recommend removing this addon.

Questie - This addon helps you know where to go to complete quests.

SellJunk - Adds a nice little button to vendors to auto sell gray items.

SniperTips Vendor Price - Shows you how much an item is work without having to go to a vendor

Whats Training - Shows you a list of all abilities that you can learn from your trainer and what abilities are available to currently train. Saves you from having to constantly run to trainers to see if something is available.

NOTE: I have tested most of these addons, but not all of them fully. Some may not work properly. Also you may have to enable Load Out of Date Addons.


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