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Zeshen - The Sleeper Awakens


(this is a rough first draft)

Zeshen Aeon was born 7,000 years ago in ashenvale, during his birth it is said that even though it was winter flowers sprouted and bloomed and many creatures came to witness the event, leaving all with the sense that great things were to come from him.

When he was old enough he began his training as a druid, he became a powerful healer and friend to all nature. Within 100 years he became an arch druid of the circle one of the youngest ever to do so, and befriended Furion Stormrage who took interest in the young elf.

During his 500th year he felt the forest cry out and searched for the cause, he saw a swath of land corrupted and dead and he became overwhelmed with sadness and extreme anger do to this desecration, he searched and found a large encampment of satyrs were responsible lead by a warlock named Draknul, there were also many enslaved elves and animals that had been placed in cages, turned into little more than mindless beasts. Zeshen then gathered all awake druids and spoke with the forest itself to come face this darkness. The battle was intense with dozens of huge treants, bears, wolfs, saber cats, and druids, fighting over one thousand satyrs and their slaves, Zeshen and Draknul fought ferociously until Zeshen was able to bind and kill him. After 5 hours they were crushed decisively.

Zeshen began the work of regrowing the glen and bringing it back to life, cleansing it of all darkness, a process that took another 1000 years to complete. Once it was done he decided to enter the emerald dream for the first time to rest. 800 more years pasted and he awoke to find much of the forest was the same and still healed which gladdened him. He spent millennia at peace, and made a family with Nelion Starlight a fierce Archer and trainer of sabercats they had a son who grew to be a druid as well and all was good.

At his 5000th year he again rested in the emerald dream having seen and personally seeded many of the new forests throughout Kalimdor, His wife and son watching over his resting place.

1500 years later he in the dream saw the World tree burning as army’s marched upon it and many of the forests he planted burned and defiled, the sky rained fire as endless thousands cried out and turned to ash. Then the dream changed as bright lights like stars erupted from everywhere to push the darkness back, and he saw that all would be healed and made green again one day. Deeply troubled and disturbed he awoke from this. And saw all was still well and green. He found his wife and son who were overjoyed at his awaking though troubled at his dream as well.

Zeshen kept this vision mostly to himself only letting the most ancient of trees and animals know of it that resided near the world tree and asking them to keep a greater guard of it.

As the years went on Zeshen found himself walking through the deep forest as he always did, then on a rock there was a raven sitting that was not a animal but a man in disguise, Zeshen spoke

“Man how is it you are here and what is your purpose with me?”

The bird changed to a hooded, feathered, cloaked man, saying

“Indeed druid, I have come seeking you, I (he pasued) am a guardian, as you are one of the few of your order that is oddly awake I came to warn you..

” Zeshen interrupted, “ The burning legion is coming, this I have been made aware of and have for 500 years been preparing for the best that I can with those that will believe me.

The guardian slightly smiled. “My warning is unneeded then, I’m pleased that I’m not the only one in the world that knows, I will soon head across the seas to the realms of men again and see if their kings will head my warnings.”

Zeshen said, “guardian I’m glad as well that others know as few seem to, and I will say this to you before you go, you will find peace again, the deep regrets you have and weigh on your soul will be washed away if you stay this path.”

The guardian seemed deeply surprised, and with quickly forming tears in his eyes said, “thank you, that is my deepest desire” and with that turned into a raven and flew off.

A short couple years pasted and the forest told Zeshen of Orcs and worse that was coming to the forest, battles were fought, the druids awoke, his vision was coming to pass, and humans,orcs, and elves eventually became unlikely allies to stand near the world tree against the legion, during the battle Zeshen and several of his friends and allies were surrounded and would be slain if not for the timely breakthrough rescue of a human women and her companions who he later found out was part of the Order of EL ELYON Zeshen and his weary allies withdrew and he saw the women fall to a infernal smashing her into dust. After this the battle was won as the all the forest rose up to slay the darkness.

Afterwards the blooded allies spoke and Zeshen finding the Orders remaining members asked to become a member as he saw they would continue to fight even worse threats to the world and beyond. They accepted him and he became one of the council members of the Order to defend all that was good.


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