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Scarak - Journey of the Chronicler



Scarak was born and raised in the city of Boralus 10 years before the First War. He doesn’t remember much of his parents. His mother died when he was young and his father was a criminal; tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prisonment for extorting a noble. Scar (as his friends call him) never had contact with his father, who has long since passed. When Scar was a child he lived in an orphanage, but found the streets more at home. 

One day Scar (about age 7 at the time), tried to steal some coin from a pregnant woman. This woman caught Scar in the act and tried to stop him, but when she tried to grab him he unexpectedly blinked from one location to another. Scar was shocked not knowing what happened. Bewildered with what happened he didn’t see the guard arriving behind him. Instead of throwing him in a cell the woman had him brought back to her home. The woman was Katherine Proudmoore. She explained to Scar that she wasn’t mad at him, but impressed by what he could do. She told him that he was meant for greater things than stealing. She contacted a few of her friends at the Kirin Tor. That is where Scar’s real journey began.

Scar became the apprentice of a High Elf Mage Sathera. He studied under her for many year honing his skills and learning the magic trade. While under her supervision Scar began to learn the art of enchanting items. Scar met many friends while in Dalaran, most notably a young up and coming mage, Jaina Proudmore. Scar shared his story with her and how her mother helped him while carrying her. However their time together would be short.

During the second war however the alarm in the Dalaran vault was sounded. Sathera told Scar to inform the others of the intrusion and he ran off. He didn’t know that would be the last time he would see her. Sathera was killed by Teron Gorefiend that day.

Scar, now having to cope with the loss of his mentor, decided to return home after talking with Jaina. There he found a place under the command of Daelin Proudmoore. Scar rose through the ranks fairly quickly and supported Daelin’s ship directly with his magical knowledge. He traveled the seas for many years. During the Third war Scar served under Daelin’s command and saw numerous battles. But the hardest battle would be the last Daelin would ever see.

With the help of Scar, Daelin was able to locate his daughter Jaina in the city of Theramore. When Daelin arrived he learned of the Horde’s presence and immediately took up arms. While in Theramore Scar reconnected with Jaina. They talked a lot about the past and she explained that Horde there wasn’t bad. It didn’t take long for Jaina to convince Scar that what Daelin was doing was wrong. So when Daelin ordered the attack to commence, Scar stood with Jaina. Daelin would ultimately find his demise that day.

After that battle Scar has joined Jaina as a close friend and as a councilor. Scar typically collects and protects the stories of those that live in Theramore. Naturally Scar found a place in the Order of El Elyon, an organization based in Theramore. Jaina still calls on him often though for his help.


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