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ARK Server
we have an ARK server up for those wanting to play!
Ark Rules
1 Have fun! we want a fun server!
2 No cheating! we have a zero tolerance for cheaters, you will get banned
3 No extensive griefing, we encourage wars/fighting but please do not go overboard if you've soundly defeated someone let them have some time before you wipe
them out again
4 please watch your language! ie no cursing,sexual comments
5 there are 2 admins myself (Winter) and (Gilder) we are here to help you have fun please report any cheating to us or other issues and please do not mess
with our admin controlled zones they will be marked on a map here in the forums if you go near them make sure you are under flag of truce, you don't want to go to war with us trust me

X4 taming

Fun things
I myself will sometimes wander around the island as the "bone merchant" which will trade your supplies for other needed stuff (list of stuff to come)
hunting events (find and kill a powerful animal for a reward)
bounty events (kill a player that has a bounty put on there head for payment)
hunt the admin before they hunt you event (be afraid)
fortress of death events (attack a admin made fort get to the vault win a prize)
also a tribe could rent the admins as mercenary's in their army if they had enough resources to (pricing to come also admin commands would be turned off to make it somewhat fair)

red=The Burning Light (admin bases)
green=House Tyrell

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