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Login / Forum Issues
So after digging into getting the forums working it appears that the forums bridge to EQdkp only goes one way. I misunderstood it. As such this creates a slight inconvienience for the users that have already registered. New registrants should not experience any issues. By using the forums as our login base, EQdkp will allow us to only login once for the site and the forums. So long term this makes access very easy, but short term it may cause a couple issues while I get the bugs worked out.

Login Issues
There may be some login issues now that I have bridged over the forums to EQdkp. To fix this issue please do the following:
• Go to
• Click Register and fill out the form. ( This is your new login information )
If you do not use the same username and password your characters will not be attached to the new login. If this occurs please contact me and I will get it fixed.
• Once you are registered you will receive an email to activate your account again.
If you login to the site with your forum login info you should be automatically logged into the forums.
To access the forums you MUST activate your account. You should have received an email from the site asking for you to activate. It has been reported by several members this email is going to spam. So please check your spam box. If you are still having issues please contact me in game and I will look into your account activation. If I am not online, just drop me an in game mail.

I truely apologize for the inconvenience. Had I seen this before I would have set up the forums first.

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